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These meal plans are customizable, quick, 100% plant-based and oil-free, and of course—delicious!

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“LOVE all the meals! I’m feeling full, satisfied, and more energetic!” —Morgan D.

Getting Started Tutorial

Click the hotspots to see how the meal planner works.

meal planner demo

Use the handle to the left of a recipe to drag and drop it where you like.

Toggle the number of servings up or down to fit your needs.

Set servings to zero (0) to represent leftovers. The ingredients won't be added to your shopping list.

Click "Add Item" to add saved recipes, search recipes, add a note, or add a custom recipe.

Tap the recipe name or photo to view the recipe and start cooking.

Below the meal plan you’ll find buttons like these to take various actions. Click on the hotspots to see what each button does.

action button demo

Another way to add items is from this menu. This is better on desktop when you want to add the same note or custom recipe to multiple days.

After clicking this, find the item(s) you want to remove and click the trashcan icon next to them. When done, return to this menu and select "Stop Removing Items"

Edit the number of days and meals you want to plan for. You can Add/Remove and rename as needed.

Toggle nutrition facts on or off to track calories/macros if desired. Leftovers don't count toward nutrition facts at this time so if your numbers seem low, check to see if any meals have a serving set to zero.

Like to cook with a page in front of you? Print it off! This will print all recipes set to the number of servings you have on your meal plan. Recipes with zero servings will not be printed.

Once you have your meal plan how you want it, it's time to generate a shopping list. Click this, select the days you want to shop for, then select "Generate Shopping List"

Find more tutorials on the Welcome page or see the frequently asked questions and answers in the Help Center.

To reference this tutorial later, you can find it under the Account menu item dropdown labelled “Getting Started Tutorial.”